Sunday, October 30, 2005

Two words that describe this Chiller event; LONG WAIT! Everything during the day incorporated some kind of wait; the longest being the one to the guest tent. I waited 3 and a half hours to get in!! There was another huge line outside the guest tent, just to meet George Romero! I think Chiller should put a bigger limitation on the amount of people that goes each day.
Joe Pilato came out to sign autographs and greet fans that were waiting in line for hours.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Here's me with Mal Arnold of the "Blood Feast" fame, if you haven't ever see the movie, see it now. He only charged $5!

Kevin Sorbon of the Hercules fame was nice enough to go out to the cold and hungry to sign autographs.

*drool* Here is a picture of me with Tiffany Shepis- the hot scream queen that started out at the Indie film studio Troma, and worked her way up to, well, not the big screen yet, but she'll get there. Only if you could see the other attire she was wearing.

Here's a shot with me chatting with the "Godfather of Gore" Herschell Gordon Lewis!! He told me that he is about to direct a movie called 'Back In Blood: Revenge of the Gore-Crazed Maniacs!'. Now does that sound awesome, or what. He didn't charge at all for an autograph.

I'm going to be in a documentary!! After I went to Herschell Gordon Lewis's table, these guys with cameras approached me and asked me my opinion on H.G.L and his movies, particulary "Blood Feast"
Here is a pic of my brother talking to Gates Mcfadden of the Star Trek: Next Generation fame.

This show ended up being kick-ass, and I met some awesome people, stars and fans alike. Here is a picture of two of the life-like models in the room with Sara Karloff and Bela Legosi Jr.